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  • Chained NSKK Dagger Scabbard **Archives**

    $649.00 $649.00
    This interesting NSKK officers' scabbard is a field upgrade type available to convert an existing NSKK dagger to the chained variant, rather than purchase a new dagger. The original nickel scabbard mounts are in very good shape with only minor handling and wear from time. The lower fitting ball has some small dents from being dropped at some point.The scabbard mounts are retained by original dome headed screws with a little evidence of being turned when the fittings were removed to install the new mounts. The center fitting is in excellent condition; and, the attachment eyelet for the chain is the same size as  the upper fittings eyelet.The upper chain consists of the typical 4 links and the lower chain is the typically seen 5 links.The RZM stamping is on the reverse side of the lower chains first link,The links are the nickel plated variety. There is some light wear on most of the links, but overall the plating is still there on both sides. The link that holds the  lower chain is deeply stamped on the reverse with "MUSTERSCHUTZ  NSKK- KORPSFUHRUNG"The snap clip is also a very nice example. The shield  depicts an acorn positioned between two oak leaves. The veins to the oak leaves are very nicely done. The snap clip shows a little bit of rust toward the bottom portion of the obverse and reverse,and the original spring is in place and works well. The scabbard paint is still a glossy black with a few door dings and scratches, but overall a very classy and attractive piece that is not often encountered.