Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods

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    In 1940 the British “austerity” ’40 Pattern (P 40) battledress blouse was developed to expedite production and lower the cost of the earlier pattern blouses. This version with flat pockets and exposed buttons required less material and less tailoring so could be produced more quickly and cheaply than its predecessor.

    Introduced in 1942, changes from the earlier style tunic included the elimination of the fly front and the pocket and front buttons being exposed, as well as, the removal of pocket pleats and cuffs. Plastic buttons were substituted for the earlier brass ones.

    This tunic was manufactured in 1943 by the firm of W.O.PEAKE LTD. Overall condition is excellent with a few moth nips, but no rips or tears.The interior has twin pockets and the correct ink stampings.

    There is evidence of the tunic having had patches and insignia applied, but these have since been removed. This type of tunic became so popular it inspired the famous "Ike Jacket" worn by U.S. soldiers. All buttons are present as is the original buckle.

    A very nice original tunic for less than the price of a good reproduction.