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  • Beautiful WWII Japanese Naval Kai Gunto **Archives**

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    This beautiful iconic symbol of the Japanese Naval Officer is in splendid condition! The massive stainless steel blade has a cutting edge of nearly 25 1/2" and is in fine condition, with no chips or dings. The blade fits perfectly in the sharkskin wrapped Saya.

    The sharkskin Saya has a beautiful blackish/brown finish and although there is some wear and a few minor door dings (this piece was definitely worn) there are no signs of abuse or neglect. The grandkids definitely didn't get their hands on this one!  

    All metal fittings are original to the piece and although there is some wear to the plating, they look great with this koshirae. All components are numbered 219 with Naval anchor stamp and all of the original silk ito on the tsuka is present and tight. This example is fitted with the blackened multi-piece tsuba, featuring the dual rising sun seppa. Though there is some wear to the finish, the silver washed habaki is in excellent crisp condition.

    This piece is signed and named to a smith by the name of "Takeyasu Saku" (Takeyasu Made This) deeply engraved into the nakago. There are also black painted remnants of the kanji 219 visable beside the mei. Overall, a great looking and fine conditioned piece at a very reasonable price!