Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods
  • Stunning Gunto Showa Gunzoku Wakazashi



    Splendid wakizashi in excellent polish as well as koshirae, the ubu nakago @ 4 59/64" (12.5cm)is signed Wakasa no Kami Ujifusa and the 20 11/16" (52.55cm) shinogi-zukuri blade is powerfully constructed with a generously proportioned kissaki and an ellegant sori of 19/32" (1.5cm).

       The hada is itame with masame in the habuchi, very finely expressed. The polish is not new, but remains fresh, though a bit low key with the gentle notare restraining the kawazu choji beneath.In full light the steel appears to be aflame,and to shift from water to fire and back again as if by magic.

    There is much to be appreciated in this blade. There is only one small nick to the edge (not recent) near the copper habaki (see image) and a small scuff near the boshi.  Otherwise, the condition is perfect.

     The Koshirae is in true stalwart Samurai taste with a roiro lacquered saya with a simple navy blue sageo. The tsuka has white same wrapped in golden straw colored ito over yamagane & gold flowers. The menuki are slightly revealed with the style of tsukamaki. 

    The fuchi kashira are ishime shibuichi of warm grey with flowers on the fuchi and an exquisite takabori iroe cricket crowns the kashira. 

    The sentoku sukashi tsuba is in the motif of a water dragon grasping the jewel of knowledge and is signed Toshikazu saku. 

    The size: 2 5/16"(6cm)w. x 2 13/16"(7cm) ht. x 3/16"(5mm).  Nakago-ana: 1
    1/16"(2.6cm)ht x 5/16"(9mm)w. The patina is excellent and the surface is profuse with minute texture exhibiting the loving kiss of long service. The overall measurement for this 26 3/8"(66.99cm). 

    A truly beautiful and unique piece with a hamon that is absolutely hypnotic.