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  • Original 1937 Edition of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf With Companion English Translation Book**Archives**

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    Adolf Hitler's autobiography and political manifest. The copy that is offered for sale was published in 1937 by Central Publishing House of the NSDAP, Franz Eher, Nachf in Munich, Germany.  Hitler dictated this book to his secretary, Rudolf Hess while imprisoned in Landsberg after the failed 1923 revolution. The first editions (1925 and 1926) were only "Band I" (volume one), "Band II" (volume two) was first published in December 1926!  Most of the "official" Third Reich copies (1933 to 1945) contained both volumes combined in one book, with the exception of several special and deluxe editions. Very few copies of the first editions have survived. In 1925, few people were interested when his book first came out. Originally Hitler selected to title his book Viereinhalb Jahre [des Kampfes] gegen Lüge, Dummheit und Feigheit (Four and a Half Years [of Struggle] against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice). His publisher, Max Amann, decided this title was too complicated and had it shortened to Mein Kampf (simply "My Struggle"). Before Hitler became Reich Chancellor of Germany in 1933, Mein Kampf  did not sell very well, but in 1933 alone 1.5 million copies were sold. It was illegal to resell any copies of Mein Kampf in Nazi Germany. 

    This copy is in excellent condition with much of the gilding remaining on the uppermost surface of the pages. The tissue and portrait are present and although it has separated from the binding is still in excellent condition. The pages are clean and there are no notations or marks on the pages. Included with the book is a version in English which is also in excellent condition. Together, a very nice set of books that would not only be an important piece of history, but a great source for reference as well.