Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods

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    This interesting holster started its life in 1911, marked on the interior with the year 1911 and markings "B.A. XVII (Train-Bataillon 17, Feldbackereikolonne & Bekleidungsamt des XVII Armeekorps)" with the maker ...?  Boker & Co?  This piece has been modified and refurbished for use in WWII. Whether intentional or accidental, the exterior pocket for an additional magazine is gone perhaps removed during the refurbishment. On the exterior of the holster the original stud has been replaced with a rivet and a buckle with keeper added to secure closure. Remains of the keeper for the stripping tool are still present on the interior of the clamshell. On the rear of the holster one of the two straps added during the upgrade has come loose on one end as the cotton thread broke down over time. I think think this holster was originally brown in color and later dyed black for its service in WWII. 

    The thing thought caught my eye about this piece was the beautifully conditioned period applied Army Veterans League pin that is mounted on the front of the holster. This pin features a nicely detailed silvered eagle with crossed swords and a black Iron cross on its breast. Beneath the eagle clutched in its talons is the Third Reich wreath with swastika.The pin passes through the flap of the holster and is intact with the serrations to prevent it from slipping out of the wearers lapel (what it was originally intended for). Although I doubt this type of modification was permitted by regulation, I have seen this on many period holsters. Although this piece may not be a pristine example of a Luger holster, the fact that it was used in both wars and has a very rare year of production (1911), adds quite a bit of character. Along with likely being used by a veteran of the Great War and during the Third Reich period it would fit well with a pistol of similar character.

    Nice looking piece with a lot to study!