Original Militaria And Curios From All Periods


Hello There!

My name is Geoff Ward. I am a pretty laid back working man and musician who lives in Louisiana about three and a half hours East of Dallas,Texas. I'm an avid collector of militaria, enjoy playing with my camera, and hunting for interesting curios and antiques. 

As a military brat, my family moved around often including living in, and traveling throughout, Europe for five years. I was a shy child with no real interest in sports, so I spent a lot of time reading and playing with toy soldiers.The Vietnam War was in full swing at that time and I remember watching the war on television. I was fascinated by the soldiers and their equipment. Having family who had served and died in the First and Second World Wars, I began to delve into books about the uniforms and equipment of the warriors who waged these battles for duty and country. My favorite outings were on school field trips to visit historical sites and museums...military museums! Suddenly, my toy soldiers were no longer just green or tan plastic, but being painted to resemble the pictures in books and movies. And, my friends and I were playing war wearing rusty German and French helmets we found in the junk shops. 

Fast forward to the 80's when I bought my very first German dagger, a 1933 pattern SS dagger by Boker, for $300.00 at a pawn shop... I was hooked! Over the next three decades,traveling throughout the U.S.and Europe with work, I bought, sold, and swapped my way into the areas in which I had interests. Now, I make yearly pilgrimages to the larger militaria shows with friends to wade through seemingly endless tables looking for the elusive toys we're hunting to add to our collections. I quickly realized that I could not have one of everything; and, not having very deep pockets, I would have to sacrifice some of my beloved toys to acquire new ones. 

After dealing with some of the major auctions that have increasingly limited what you can or cannot buy or sell, I decided to try my hand at building my own website to support my collection of historical and unusual curios I find interesting. I hope with this website to be able to make new friends and cultivate interest in this hobby for new collectors. After all, we are really just taking care of these items for the next generation, but it sure is fun to enjoy them for awhile! 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site!